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Ask me anything   Hey there! My name is Kremena,i'm 24 years old girl from Bulgaria! Music is the love of my life!
I adore The Wanted and Lawson. Watching too many tv shows.
Cristiano Ronaldo fan since 2004 and Madridista since 2001,the football is kinda my thing!
Life is a party!


What is the UK’s most popular beverage? (x)

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We did a worldwide search for Four, and so when we finally found Theo, I saw him, I met him, I thought he was great, and then we put him in a room with Shailene, and did a screen test. And I knew immediately, because they just had this electricity, this energy, where she’s a really strong actress, and it can sometimes overwhelm the actor she’s playing against, because she is so good and she is so powerful, but not here. He was the one that was sort of intimidating her, which was the perfect dynamic for their relationship. She was really infatuated with him, and he was sort of intrigued by her, and it was perfect. I always wonder, because people keep asking me, “Are they together? They’re a couple, aren’t they?” And I’m like, “You know what? They should be.”

- Neil Burger (x)

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Shailene & Theo at ‘Divergent’ LA Premiere (3/18/2014)

Shailene & Theo at ‘Divergent’ LA Premiere (3/18/2014)

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